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~Christe See

Drawing from Within ...

Christie Connolly began drawing at a very young age. She instantly knew art was something she loved and fortunately it was natural for her. She continued drawing through her teens and into early twenties. Christie took a hiatus from drawing while raising her young daughter. During those years, she explored other creative mediums such as music, photography, and the healing arts.

In 2008, Christie returned to school and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Lesley University. It was during this time that she began painting for the first time and discovered the Art Therapy program at Lesley. Having always been interested in psychology and the arts, Art Therapy seemed to be a perfect fit. Christie was a talented artist, but had always felt compelled to draw images she saw either in a photograph or from life. It was during one of her first classes, “Drawing from Within” that she discovered a new element within her art. She began to create abstract drawings, paintings and combinations of the two. She also discovered art journaling. This type of art has helped her evolve and tap into a place within her soul - a form of meditation through art that she finds to be healing and introspective.

When Christie’s not painting or involved in activities pertaining to the arts, she enjoys spending time with her family. She is an avid photographer and loves to shoot professionally and for fun. Taking advantage of her seaside home, Christie collects sea glass on the beach and makes jewelry. She loves singing and hosts karaoke at the local senior center, as well as within local venues part-time. Actively involved in the public sector, Christie often participates in local art festivals to promote awareness of the arts to the inner city community.